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"I was always drawn to music from early on. When I was 5, I heard...really heard, for the first time, a violin. I was watching a movie on TV and this amazing piece of music came on and instantly drew me into the was a huge sweeping melody...evoking Ralph Vaughan Williams...and the swell of the string section triggered something. I still remember it clearly. That day I told my parents 'I'm going to make music'. A short time later, as luck would have it, my grandmother said their was an old violin in the attic that I could have if great care was taken. It had been in the family for as long as anyone could remember but none of our relatives had been musically inclined so there it remained...forgotten...until then. And that's what started it all."

A few years later, Egeness' focus turned to the guitar. "I overheard my parents say one day, after having endured many hours of my special style of 'learning','Where does he get it from?...'. I think they were quietly expressing some regret at buying an amplifier for my guitar (I played it loud...all day....everyday). But I wondered the same thing...where did it come from...this consuming need to make music?"

Well, the answer would come literally from yet another musical gift from the attic of his grandparents. It was an 1894 Washburn mandolin. Upon removing it from it's odd little velvet lined case and inspecting this new thing of beauty, out from it's sound hole fell an old tin plate photograph...and there, in the only photo of his great great grandparents, was the answer. Placed prominently on the table of his distant relatives was...

the very same 1894 Washburn mandolin.

Egeness later found out that the forgotten violin had also belonged to this relative in the photo, Christian (Christianson) Egeness. He had played both instruments with the Norwegian orchestra.

After learning to play the guitar by ear over the next 7 years, Egeness and 3 other musicians formed a band called die kreuzen. Over the next decade the band toured America and Europe in support of 5 releases on Touch & Go records. "Man, there was a point there when die kreuzen were the best band in the USA." - Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth.

Egeness left the band in the early nineties to study music from behind a mixing console as an engineer and to further understand what makes music sound "good".

9 years later, after countless recording sessions, he moved to St. John, USVI for 3 and a half years to complete his studies in music composition. Once completed, it was time to get back to the states to pursue the career that was hinted at so long ago...
composing for film.

"I hope you enjoy my music..."

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